To fuel that sense of wonder that everyone’s inner child has. To create and share something unique and special. To bring families together, in person, around the table again.
We aim to create games that are thematic, quirky and fun. At the moment, the majority of our games revolve around our unique Rise of the Occulites universe, but there are many others in the works. All our games link to nature or the environment in some way, shape or form. Whether imagined (the evolution of the Occulites), or real (the Australian environment and its inhabitants). We highly value both nature and our environment and so they feature strongly in our games.
Darwin Games Educational is the educational branch of Darwin Games and consists of board and card games designed for educational use. We are both Primary School teachers and believe that children will learn more when they are engaged. Learning through games and play is an awesome way to help kids soak up new skills and knowledge, all while having fun. Titles released under Darwin Games Educational are not only educational, but something kids will WANT to play! Look for titles being released in the near future.
Darwin Games consists of Ben and Shae Boersma, a husband and wife team from Melbourne, Australia.
The Rise of the Occulites universe is the main theme used for the majority of Darwin Games products. It features the quirky, yet endearing Occulites. Discovered through a window stone by a young Australian boy, Darwin. There are many games in this setting that follow the evolutionary and social timelines of the Occulites.
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As well as many other things, check back soon to see our new range of 18mm metal Occulite figures.

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