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January 2017

Eye for an Eye: Arena Preview – How to Play and Gameplay Videos

By |January 28th, 2017|Eye for an Eye: Arena, Floris, Gameplay, How to Play, News, Palaudis, Rise of the Occulites, Rules and FAQ|

G'day everyone, This preview is all about the gameplay of Eye for an Eye: Arena. There are two videos, one that tells you a bit about how to play the game and another that is one two player round of gameplay between Chief Grublic (Palaudis) and Chief Banksia (Floris). We plan to do several other gameplay videos over the next bit of time with different characters and player counts, so let us know in the comments what you'd like to see. I won't clog the post up with too much text and will just get straight to the videos. Please bear [...]

October 2016

Introducing Business Card Battles

By |October 29th, 2016|Business Card Battles, Conventions, Development, News, Rise of the Occulites, Rules and FAQ|

Business cards are great for creating awareness of your brand and increasing the odds that people will check out your stuff after they've seen you. However there isn't much incentive for a customer to keep these in the long term and they will invariably get thrown in the bin at some point. This can mean two things: Your company can once again get lost within the sea of other amazing companies But more importantly, that business card then becomes rubbish and the resources (both environmental and monetary) are wasted. When we decided to get some business cards made up for the [...]

September 2015

Using the figures for Song of Blades and Heroes

By |September 18th, 2015|Dawn, Downloads, Rise of the Occulites, Rules and FAQ, Song of Blades and Heroes|

G'day guys, Some of you may know that before the Occulites, I helped playtest some of the Song of Blade and Heroes expansions by Ganesha Games. I also wrote 'Song of Fur and Buttons' (a stand alone narrative campaign using teddy bear and frog miniatures from Eureka Miniatures) and 'Ghost Rangers', both of which you can find at the Ganesha Games website. Recently,  I have had a couple of people asking whether or not I had profiles to use the Occulites in Song of Blades and Heroes. I used to (and still do) really enjoy that miniatures game. I think that Andrea has [...]

Scenario 19 – Training Day (first DLC Scenario)

By |September 5th, 2015|Dawn, Downloads, Rise of the Occulites, Rules and FAQ, Scenarios|

  We intend to continue to support Dawn – Rise of the Occulites into the future with extra content such as scenarios. This is to not only to build even greater longevity into the game itself, but to also build upon the framework that we provided in Dawn – Rise of the Occulites to produce even more interesting and varied play opportunities. 3rd May 2015 – Scenario 19 – Training Day (Click here to download) One of the local Tribes that you have been trading with have bestowed a great honour upon your Tribe. Whether it is a trap, a way [...]

April 2015

Dawn – Rise of the Occulites FAQ and Rulebook now available

By |April 19th, 2015|Dawn, Downloads, Rise of the Occulites, Rules and FAQ|

G'day everyone, The response to Dawn has been really positive so far, which is enormously rewarding. If you have received your game and have been playing it, please consider letting us know how you went with it and if you enjoyed yourself! We always love hearing about people having fun with our games, so don't be shy! To help spread the word about Dawn, you might also consider rating it on Board Game Geek and leaving a comment, or posting about it. I have been compiling all the questions that I have received since the game's release into a Frequently [...]