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We intend to continue to support Dawn – Rise of the Occulites into the future with extra content such as scenarios. This is to not only to build even greater longevity into the game itself, but to also build upon the framework that we provided in Dawn – Rise of the Occulites to produce even more interesting and varied play opportunities.

Youngling Banner Bearer3rd May 2015 – Scenario 19 – Training Day (Click here to download)
One of the local Tribes that you have been trading with have bestowed a great honour upon your Tribe. Whether it is a trap, a way to test your integrity, or if it is a genuine gesture of trust cannot be determined, but it is an opportunity nonetheless. To have a genuine ally would be a huge boon for your Tribe. The honour your Tribe has been bestowed? To train one of their Younglings. The first in the area since your generation came to being. You are to take them out and let them experience what it is like to be a Tribe Member. The only catch… bring them back safely! In a dangerous world, does your Tribe have what it takes to do the job?

This is a slightly more advanced scenario with several specials rules to keep track of.
Utilises a Tribal Token to represent your Tribe’s Youngling, or you can substitute an 18mm Occulite figure from the Drums of War line.

Does the Scenario include Creatures or Predators? Yes, Puscuals.
Does it use Sungems or Events? Yes, both.
Can it be played Stand Alone? Yes.
Can it be used as part of a Campaign? Yes.


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Lots more to come, keep checking back for more!