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Dawn Slider ImageThis page contains rules and other support documents for you to download.

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Rulebook Download

Dawn – Rise of the Occulites Rulebook – Updated April 18th 2015
Revised April 18th 2015 – Minor clarifications made to when you are Prone, what rerolls entail, when a Defender doesn’t roll any successes and some typos have been corrected.

FAQ Downloads

Dawn FAQ Document April 19th 2015
Dawn FAQ Document April 19th 2015 Printer Friendly
Clarifications, questions and some minor errata.

Component Listings Downloads

Dawn – Rise of the Occulites Base Game Components Listing
Floris Expansion Components Listing
Ignis Expansion Components Listing
Nimbus Expansion Components Listing

Campaign Tracking Downloads

Campaign Tracking Sheet

Miscellaneous Downloads

The Occulite World in Song of Blades and Heroes – Using the figures in SBH