Eye for an Eye: Arena Preview #001

Eye for an Eye: Arena Preview #001

G’day everyone,

Welcome to the first of many previews for our upcoming realtime arena combat game ‘Eye for an Eye: Arena’. As we lead up to its launch on Kickstarter later in the year, each of these previews will explore one of the characters, an aspect of gameplay, or something else of interest about the game. We encourage you to ask lots of questions and if there is something you’d like to know about the game or the setting, to ask away!

Tell me a bit about the setting

Much like our first game Dawn – Rise of the Occulites, Eye for an Eye: Arena is set in our Occulites universe. It is in fact set further along the timeline though. These characters have struggled through many tough Sungem Seasons as small tribes, then seen their tribes grow larger, joining up with others, becoming armies that took part in huge wars (The Drums of War) where many Occulites were killed. As you may know, Occulites are normally reborn in their home cave if they are ever killed. However, with so many Occulites dying during ‘The Drums of War’, many of their spirits were lost to the ether, taking many years to be reborn… if they are reborn at all. Once the Tribal Chiefs discovered this, they agreed that their warring must end and a relative peace came over the land. Cities were built and instead of warring, disputes are now settled by individual combat in an arena. The combatants represented their tribe’s interests and as long as they fought hard, they were guaranteed a fast reborn into the world.

So, what’s the game like?

Each round of Eye for an Eye: Arena is played in real time to a five minute soundtrack, with players competing over three or five rounds to see who can do the most damage whilst staying alive. Each player controls one character fixed on a hex base and through speed rolling dice and assigning them to different actions, moves them around the arena, attacking and defending in real time. It is fast and intense. Each character has a player board and three ‘Ability’ cards on which they can place dice. All characters play uniquely according to their Tribe, so all characters bring their own challenges to playing them well. Despite all the dice rolling, a skilled player will almost always win over a new player until they get their ‘eye’ in.

Eye for an Eye: Arena supports anywhere from two to six players, with teams of two, three or even every Occulite for themselves modes. It can also be played as a tournament with many, many players. In fact, you can run an full tournament in an hour. That’s with each combatant getting ten full games in across the tournament.

The game has been in development for years and has a bright future planned. We just can’t wait to share it with everyone and see it being played across the world.

We will be uploading some play through videos in the next few weeks, so please keep your eyes peeled for more information…

Show me stuff!

This wouldn’t be a very good preview if it didn’t include some eye candy, so hopefully this part gets you even more excited.

We have commissioned the extremely talented Bob Olley to sculpt all the figures for the game and will be sharing images of these over the next few weeks. Fans of the Occulites universe will be excited to hear that we plan to include more than just the initial five Occulite Tribes in Eye for an Eye: Arena (Palaudis, Hydris, Floris, Ignis, Nimbus)… that’s right, you’ll have a chance to play as Tundris, Silicus, Boletus, Tudicus and Tachydus (as as well as Luftles and Puscuals to mention a few…)

Palaudis – Chief Grublic

Chief Grublic has been around for many, many years. In fact, since the very first Sungem Season. He has always been a strong and successful leader of his Palaudis Tribe. He was the first to treat Luftles as equals across any of the Occulite Tribes and as his Tribe grew, actually banished a group of rogue Palaudis to the Tundra wastes (who ended up evolving into Tundris Occulites with a burning desire for revenge) who thought he was weak for doing so. He was known for his tactical prowess on the field of battle in ‘The Drums of War’ and has been an active member of ‘The Quorum’ to establish peaceful civilisations across the Occulite world.


Chief Grublic

As he has grown older, the fine, stiff hairs over his body have evolved into thick, emu-like feathers, further protecting him from all manner of weather conditions. Through it all, his Luftle Advisor ‘Cobbie’ has stayed by his side (well, on his shoulder) and since the inception of the Arena, they have become quite the force to be reckoned with. Chief Grublic’s regular attack is ‘Spear Thrust’ and his solid bark shield helps him to defend incoming attacks more easily as he leaps around the Arena, building up to a devastating ‘Thunderstomp’.

To see a little video of this figure from all angles, check out the clip below:

So, are you intrigued about Eye for an Eye: Arena? Would you like to know more? Hit me up in the comments, subscribe to the blog (on the righthand side of the page) and jump on the forums. Spread the word – Eye for an Eye: Arena is coming…
Ben and Shae Boersma

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  1. Christopher Regan January 5, 2017 at 6:12 pm - Reply

    Looks great! Really excited to see more!

    • Boromir_and_Kermit
      Boromir_and_Kermit January 5, 2017 at 8:51 pm - Reply

      Thanks Christopher. We’ll be showing off Chief Riparian of the Hydris Tribe very soon, so check back soon. Is there anything in particular you’d like to find out?

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