Eye for an Eye: Arena Preview #003

Eye for an Eye: Arena Preview #003

G’day everyone,

Well, here we are at the third preview for ‘Eye for an Eye: Arena’. We’ve been introduced to Chiefs Grublic (Palaudis) and Riparian (Hydris) so far, learned a little bit about what the game is and where it came from. Where shall we go now?

On the next update, can you cover…?

This preview will introduce the Floris Occulite Chief Banksia, but we’d love to hear what you’d like the next update to cover from the options below:

  • RULES – Part One of a look at the rules
  • GAMEPLAY – A gameplay video of a round or two of ‘Eye for an Eye: Arena’ so you can see it in play
  • STORY – Looking at some of the background story for ‘Eye for an Eye: Arena’
  • PRINT AND PLAY – A print and play showcasing one of the characters to check out and play at home

You can also vote on which character to check out next:

  • Ignis – Chief Incendiary
  • Nimbus – Chief Pluma
  • Luftles – Chief Echo
  • New character from one of the new Tribes (that will likely be available as a stretch goal)

Don’t let the flowers fool you…

Floris – Chief Banksia

Chief Banksia was an exceptionally effective leader of some of the Floris Tribe forces during The Drums of War. He was particularly good at luring his enemies into a false sense of security before launching an ambush or decisive attack. Known equally for both his brutality and stubbornness, Chief Banksia would not allow any Floris Occulite that wasn’t at their best onto the field of battle, lest they show the Floris Tribe to be weak. This resulted in his Tribe being sometimes woefully outnumbered on the battlefield. To many other Chiefs this would spell disaster, but to Chief Banksia he saw it as a challenge, adopting unique tactics and strategies that saw his Tribe snatch remarkable victories form the very jaws of defeat on many occasions.

Floris - Chief Banksia Cropped 25%

Chief Banksia

Chief Banksia was initially against the idea of ending The Drums of War where he had been able to establish himself as someone to be feared. However, seeing an opportunity to consistently prove his prowess on the field of battle through representing his Tribe in the Arena saw a swift change of attitude towards the concept. He revels in every appearance he has in the Arena, using his favourite attack ‘Stone Swing’ to knock out his opponents. His ‘Ambush’ tactics have transferred well to the Arena where he can go from being in ‘Camouflage’ to pulling off a ‘Brutal Charge’ in the blink of an ‘eye’.


To see a little video of the figure from all angles, check out this clip below:

So until next time, let us know what you want to see next in the comments, spread the word and get excited… because ‘Eye of an Eye: Arena’ is coming.

Ben and Shae Boersma.

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  1. Huw January 12, 2017 at 7:42 am - Reply

    I’d vote for a gameplay vid…

  2. Thesunis January 27, 2017 at 10:26 pm - Reply

    Gameplay video or print and play would be great.

    • Boromir_and_Kermit
      Boromir_and_Kermit February 4, 2017 at 12:24 am - Reply

      Thanks mate, Gameplay video has been uploaded. P&P is on its way as well.

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