Eye for an Eye: Arena Preview #005

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Eye for an Eye: Arena Preview #005

G’day everyone,

Our last update looked a how to play Eye for an Eye: Arena, as well as showing off a little bit of gameplay. We hope that you’ve had a chance to check them out – we’d love to know what you think! We’ve also had quite a few requests for a print and play, so that is something that we are in the midst of organising. It will likely contain two fighters only, with non-final art, but should give players a good idea of how the game itself plays. So look for that in the near future.

This update is going to take a look at the Chief Incendiary, the Ignis Occulite Chief sculpted once again by the amazing Bob Olley.

Ignis – Chief Incendiary

Chief Incendiary has always been pretty low key. An extremely modest and honourable Chief, Incendiary ensured that his Tribe never fought a battle in vain. His focus in The Drums of War was largely defensive, successfully maintaining Ignis borders for most of the war. The only time he was the aggressor was when it was in the interest of reducing losses for both sides, or to deter impending incursions. He quickly gained a reputation for being firm, but merciful which helped him to gain the respect of most Occulite armies on all sides of the war. Only ever allying his armies with other Tribes when it was for honourable purposes, Chief Incendiary was a key figure in brokering peace amongst the Tribes at the end of the war.

Chief Incendiary saw the Arena as a way for Chiefs to defend their Tribe’s honour in a way that minimised losses and ensured clarity when resolving disputes. When he steps into the Arena to defend his tribe’s honour, he takes his role seriously, rarely speaking and letting his effortless ‘Sword Slice’ do the talking for him. Chief Incendiary is extremely efficient, making it difficult for other Chiefs to get a look in as his obsidian blades cut through the humid air during his powerful ‘Sword Dance’ or when catching them off guard with his ‘Steam’ ability.

To see a little video of the figure from all angles, check out this clip below:

Is Chief Incendiary someone that you can see yourself taking into the Arena? Or would you rather take pleasure in pulling off a dirty trick and throwing dirt into his all too honourable eye?

Spread the word about ‘Eye for an Eye: Arena’ as next update we will be releasing the Print and Play. So keep an ‘eye’ out for it and spread the word!

Ben and Shae Boersma

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