Eye for an Eye Print and Play Available Now!

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Eye for an Eye Print and Play Available Now!

G’day everyone,

This is the update that you’ve all been eagerly awaiting… the Print and Play for Eye for an Eye is now available.

It features two of our Occulite Chiefs – representing the Palaudis Tribe, we have Chief Grublic and representing the Hydris Tribe, we have Chief Riparian.
Included in this post and on the Eye for an Eye webpage are three files to download, the rules, the materials and the board. All the instructions for putting together the Print and Play are in the Materials file. On the Eye for an Eye page there is also a form to ask any questions that you might have.

We also encourage you to post about your sessions and experiences with the game on our BGG page HERE to help raise awareness and build our audience as we move towards our Kickstarter later in the year. If you love the game, let us know about it!

So without further delay, please find the files below:

Eye for an Eye PnP Rulebook v4 April 2017

Eye for an Eye PnP Materials April 2017

Eye for an Eye PnP Arena Board April 2017

Please be aware that these are not the final files and the artwork and/or wording may change. These files are not to be distributed or reuploaded anywhere without our permission. However, we encourage you to direct your friends to here or the game’s page on BGG to download the files and have a play around themselves. If you have any questions about the game, or anything else, feel free to contact us at occulitesATgmailDOTcom or use our contact form on the Eye for an Eye page HERE.

We sincerely hope that you enjoy the game and that we can start to build our community leading up towards the Kickstarter later in 2017.

All the best,
Ben and Shae Boersma
Darwin Games.


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