Introducing Business Card Battles

Introducing Business Card Battles

Business cards are great for creating awareness of your brand and increasing the odds that people will check out your stuff after they’ve seen you. However there isn’t much incentive for a customer to keep these in the long term and they will invariably get thrown in the bin at some point. This can mean two things:

  • Your company can once again get lost within the sea of other amazing companies
  • But more importantly, that business card then becomes rubbish and the resources (both environmental and monetary) are wasted.


When we decided to get some business cards made up for the Meet the Designer event at PAX Australia, we felt that we should make them more than just a way to convey information about our company. We wanted them to be useful beyond that… so we designed a game and placed it on the back of the card.

Now I’m certain that we are not the first company to do this, but it was a really fun process to go through and we think that we’ve produced a fast and fun way to collect our business cards.

Each convention that we attend, we will design a new fighter on the back of our business cards that will be available for free to those people that enquire about, demo, or purchase one of our games. Now because we really don’t like making anything exclusive (we don’t want anyone to miss out on the fun!), these fighters will all be made available free to digitally download from our website at some point after the convention itself.

The rules are available to download via this website on the Business Card Battles webpage, or just use the QR code link on the front of the card. They will continue to expand and evolve over time to include team battles, advanced abilities and many more fighters. Get a taste of them HERE.

We hope that you will enjoy our take on business cards and would love to hear from you about it.

Darwin Games will be attending the ‘Meet the Designer’ event at PAX Australia on the 4th November (7pm to 9pm). The first two fighters (Palaudis Chief and Hydris Chief) will be available to those that demo our upcoming realtime gladiator style skirmish game ‘Rise of the Occulites: Arena’.

We hope to see you all there!
Ben and Shae

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