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February 2017

Eye for an Eye: Arena Preview #005

By |February 4th, 2017|Development, Eye for an Eye: Arena, Ignis, News, Rise of the Occulites|

G'day everyone, Our last update looked a how to play Eye for an Eye: Arena, as well as showing off a little bit of gameplay. We hope that you've had a chance to check them out - we'd love to know what you think! We've also had quite a few requests for a print and play, so that is something that we are in the midst of organising. It will likely contain two fighters only, with non-final art, but should give players a good idea of how the game itself plays. So look for that in the near future. This [...]

January 2017

Eye for an Eye: Arena Preview #002

By |January 8th, 2017|Eye for an Eye: Arena, Hydris, News, Rise of the Occulites|

G'day everyone, Welcome to the second preview for our upcoming realtime arena combat game 'Eye for an Eye: Arena'. Thanks to those that emailed me, subscribed to the blog or commented on the previous post. We really appreciate it and hope that you continue to enjoy these previews as we release them. What were you going for with the design? Like the Occulites (and many of our other designs), Eye for an Eye: Arena certainly evolved over time. I have always enjoyed the tactical challenges that skirmish games present to players and you can see this in the way the [...]

May 2015

Where can I get Dawn from?

By |May 3rd, 2015|Dawn, Downloads, Rise of the Occulites|

G'day guys, So well and truly by now everyone should have gotten their copies of Dawn - Rise of the Occulites. If you have, we'd love to hear what you think of the game and the production. As the image above demonstrates, you get a whole LOT of stuff, and all of it is very high quality. But for the those of you who didn't back the Kickstarter, where can you get it from? Now this isn't an exhaustive list by any means, but it may help you get a hold of a copy if you are after one. ANYWHERE [...]