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Tribal Wars is a fast, simple card game for two players. It is a game that becomes deeper the more you understand the interactions between the Tribes. Playing against the same opponent will enrich the experience even more, as every game that you’ve played in the past means something in the game you are currently playing. Your own meta develops and evolves over many games as you read and respond to your opponents decisions in each game. Each new set of cards provides new strategies to try and new background stories to provide meaning behind their mechanics.

You and your opponent will be in control of twelve confrontations during the game, with the player that wins the most of these, taking the game. Strength isn’t everything though, as correctly reading your opponent can reward you with an instant win by exploiting a Tribe’s weakness. If that doesn’t work, put your selected Tribal Ability to good use to steal a win from underneath your opponent’s nose. Tribal Wars is a game of bluffing, reading and responding to your opponent and exploiting Tribe interactions that will have you saying “Just one more game…”

Players: 2
Play Time: 5 – 15 minutes per game
Ages: 14+

Background Stories for each Set
Each new set of cards has its own stories that go along with it to explain why the Tribes behave as they do. Click below to find out more about your (or your opponent’s) favourite Tribes.

First ImpressionsSet One – First Impressions

More sets coming soon!